Premier Disability Services, LLC®
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Among the top Social Security Disability firms in the nation, Premier Disability Services, LLC® represents claimants in all 50 States, with a large team to help its clients through the most difficult time in their lives. There are several hundred members of Premier, which include case managers, administrative and support staff and attorneys that represent our clients nationwide. Thousands of Americans every month turn to Premier for assistance in securing disability benefits. Every day past clients publicly shared their own personal testimonial about their experience with Premier on our own website. Click Here To Read

However, we realize that it’s not what a company chooses to post about themselves that matters. What matters, is verified reviews from reputable 3rd parties such as The Better Business Bureau. Premier Disability Services, LLC is the ONLY disability service that has hundreds of BBB verified reviews with an A+ status and a 5-star rating that shows we fight for our client’s rights.

A particular success rate, reputation and customer service is everything! Of the 150,000 Americans that Premier has represented and an estimated 1.5 million that have requested free evaluations, Premier has never had a Better Business Bureau complaint that hasn’t been resolved.