Here at Premier Disability Services, LLC®, we strive to provide the best service we can to our clients and make the disability process go as smooth as possible. Below are just a few of the many reviews our past clients have given us.

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“very very helpful cause I was very stressful and in so much pain and she talk to me and told me that everything will be all right and told me that I was in the best hand just relax cause we are here for you and we are sorry for your pain and the gentleman that was with me and the courtroom he was very nice and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart I would recommend everybody to y’all for a great job that y’all are done for me I think y’all and God bless each and every one I thank you thank you thank you”

-Roxana J.


“I experienced pure professionalism with Premier. Anytime I called, I immediately received answers to my questions from a case manager. I couldn’t ask for anything any better. I’ll recommend Premier Disability to everyone that needs an advocate to file a claim with Social Security.”

-Deborah R.


“Once I signed the papers, I didn’t have to do anything else because they did all the other work for me. They always updated me on my case. Thank you so much for everything.”

-Margaret W.


“The people at Premier Disability have been great! They were very kind and helpful if I had a question. If I couldn’t reach anyone I would leave a message and I would get a call back. You are doing an outstanding job and as far as I’m concerned you are not paid enough. Thank you so much for all your hard work!”

-Barbara C.


“My wife selected your company after speaking to one of your customer service reps. We are pleased with the professionalism of each agent that we have contact thus far, just waiting for the approval for the SSI benefit.”

-William A.


“The moment I spoke with a Premier Disability rep I was glad that I chose them to represent me not just for the good reviews and success rate it was the confidence and knowledge of the staff that put my mind at ease and that I knew I was in good hands.”

-Sherry J.


“The last several months I have lost quite a bit. I have been totally devastated over all of this not knowing which direction to go. Premier Disability has been so very helpful and kind they made at least this one issue go smoothly. I will highly recommend Premier Disability to everyone.”

-Tina W.


“My experience was awesome!!! Premier made me feel so comfortable and cared for. I won my Disability Appeal, 100% thanks to Premier. I could have never done it without their help!!! Best $$ I ever spent … They deserved EVERY Penney!!! “

-Deanne K.


“You did all the work, and had me approved in 5 months, I hear most are 2 years. Premier has excellent customer service, I am so pleased.”

-Debra M.


“I am very blessed to have been represented by Premier Disability. They never gave up in helping me acquire my disability benefits. There is no cure for my condition of Degenerative Disc Disease. It causes nerve, joint and bone damage stemming from the discs in my spine. Premier Disability was very caring, patient in listening and accurate when updating my medical information. They really cared about helping me.”

-Stephanie L.


“First I want to say THANK YOU very much. The whole process was fast and easy I’m very impressed with the handle of my claim and I would definitely recommend anyone who needs your services. Once again thank you.”

-Regina S.


“Everyone was professional, courteous and very very patient. I never could have got through this on my own. I sincerely want express gratitude for your hard work on my case. Thank you ever so much!!!”

-Kevin S.


“Your company was VERY VERY professional in helping me get my disability that I needed. They answered any questions that I had. I would be more than willing to recommended your company to anyone that needs help.”

-Richard C.


“The staff at Premier answered all of my questions and helped me with any concerns that I had. They are extremely caring and treat you with utmost respect when you are looking for the help you need. Premier Disability Staff helped me get my disability claim filed quick with all supporting documents and I was approved in less than 3 months! Thanks Mr. Klint for employing such a great staff!”

-Teresa p.


“Always were there to answer question on information needed and would provide assistant if need help to obtain information. If case worker was not available there was always someone else there to help. Received disability in 90 days.”

-Laura C.


“Premier stayed in touch with me during my claim period and were always on time and seemed to have a real grasp on how this procedure was going to take place along the whole process, I feel Premiers assistance was invaluable. Also providing a attorney to be with me during the time a judge was making my final decision”

-Gary N.


“My experience was very positive.i am getting disability now. I don’t think I would of received it without their help.”

-Richell B.


“Very pleased. Premier handled all the paperwork and correspondence. I have already recommended Premier to a friend.”

-Lynette S.


“I found myself hospitalized and realizing that I wouldn’t be able to work anymore and had no idea where to turn or what to do. I clicked an add on Facebook for Premiere Disability and they took over and care of everything for me! If it hadn’t been for Premiere Disability, I would probably be on the street and still be wondering what the hell I was going to do, but because I went to them my disability checks are already coming! Thank you Premiere Disability! Gratefully yours, Bob K.”

-Bob K.


“I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Hailey Brewster, case manager in the case management department. Her calm, caring, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. Hailey got my food benefits reinstated, called me to make sure I was up to date on my case and guided me thru this difficult process with the out most care, If the quality of a firm’s employees is an indication of future success, then Premier Disability services has a very bright future.”

-Julio G.


“It was great working with premier.They was very responsive to my email and phone calls and walked me through every step of what was going on with my case.With in 3 months i had received my answer to my social security and it was a god send.I couldn”t be more pleased with there work.I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.My case worker Jared was the best. thank you Jared.”

-Susan M.


“From the first phone call to the call that I got from the SSDI person informing me that they approved my claim, Premier kept me informed via e-mail, text and phone calls. Thanks for the help.”

-Tommy G.


“Very impressed. Premier disability stayed focus on my case. Thank you.”

-Karen M. G.


“Rebecca Parker was the best person that helped me. I had 6 others from the office but Rebecca was the only person that truly took an interest in securing my claim.”

-Thomas G.


“I contacted you and you promptly responded. You met all my expectations. I have recommended you to many people.”

-John C.


“They were very prompt in their first replay. Within 2 weeks my application was submitted and with in 3 months I was approved for Social Security Disability. All I had to do was have my Doctor fill out some papers and sign consent for release of medical records. I’m so glad I used them. I recommend that no one apply for disability with out them. I’m a nurse and I tell everyone to use them. I have a brother who had been trying for 3 years to get disability and they had him approved with in 4 months. Wonderful caring people.”

-Peggy B.


“The first person I talked to at Premier was patient and helpful, and everyone after that was just the same. I received mailings when I was told they would arrive. The attorney provided for my hearing was sharp and professional. In the end, I was awarded benefits.”

-Joe Don B.


“Completely satisfied. No long wait or hassle. Highly recommend.”

-Terry J.


“My experience has been very good. The people are very polite and helpful.”

-Peggy F.


“Well they were great help me. Get my money fast without no hassled.”

-Francis S.


“I was very please with the way they handed my case. I was told what when and how to complete paper work. It took all the hass of getting my disability.thank you very much.”

-Johnny M.


“Very nice people, so easy to fill out paperwork, I have never heard of one person getting SSD so fast, 3 months and I had my first check.”

-Debra E.


“Great, wonderful, perfect. I have sent several people to you due to my awesome experience.”

-Sandra M.


“The experience has been great. I appreciate everything that Premier has done for me to get me my benefits.”

-Rolando S.


“Kept me informed ,very professional helped make me aware of all I needed and helped me get all the information ready.”

-April P.