What is SSDI/SSD?

Social Security Disability (SSDI or SSD) is a federal insurance program that protects workers who become disabled and are unable to work. The program is administered by the Social Security Administration and is funded by FICA payroll taxes collected from workers and employers.

Thomas Klint

Do I qualify?

SSDI benefits are paid to disabled workers and in some instances; benefits may be paid to eligible family members. SSDI is not a needs-based program, but rather depends on certain qualifications:

    1. Do you have sufficient work credits?

• Credits are earned when you pay FICA taxes.
• You likely qualify if you paid in five of the last ten years.

    1. Do you have a medical condition that prevents you from working a full-time job?

• You must provide documented evidence of how your condition prevents specific work activities
• An experienced professional can guide you through this part of the process